The Newsletter for friends and members of OHFS
Orpheus' newsletter was established in May of 1995 as a means of informing our members of upcoming events and performance schedules.  Through the use of feature articles dealing with folk themes, it has now evolved into a tool for educating our members and others interested in folk traditions.
NOTE:  The newsletter has been discontinued partly due to the advancement of various social media platforms (facebook, instagram etc)  Follow us on facebook, instagram for the latest news and updates in addition to our web site.
Spring (March, April, May)    
2013 2014
Fall (August, September, October)   Summer (March, April, May)  
Summer (April, May, June)    
Winter  (November, December, January)    
2012 2011
Summer  (March, April, May)   Fall  (September, October, November)  
Winter  (December, January, February)   Summer (June, July, August)
  Winter (December, January, February)  
2010 2009
Fall (October-November-December)   Fall (September-October-November)    
Summer (May-June-July)   Spring (Apr-May-June)    
Winter (Jan-Feb-Mar)    
2008 2007
Fall (Sept-Oct-Nov)     Summer (June-July-Aug)   
Spring (Apr-May-June)      
Winter (Jan-Feb-Mar)      
2006 2005
Fall (September-October-November)    Summer (June-July-Aug) 
Summer (June-July-Aug)    Winter (Jan-Feb-Mar) 
Winter (Jan-Feb-Mar)   
2004 2003
 Summer (Apr-May-Jun)   Fall (Oct-Nov-Dec)
 Winter (Jan-Feb-Mar)   Spring (Apr-May-Jun) 
   Winter (Jan-Feb-Mar)
2002 2001
 Fall (Oct-Nov-Dec)   Fall (Oct-Nov-Dec)
 Summer (July-Aug-Sept)  Summer (July-Aug-Sep)
 Spring (Apr-May-Jun)   Spring (Apr-May-Jun)
 Winter (Jan-Feb-Mar)   Winter (Jan-Feb-Mar) 
2000 1999
 Fall (Oct-Nov-Dec) Fall (Oct-Nov-Dec)
 Summer (July-Aug-Sept) Summer(Jul-Aug-Sep)
Spring (Apr-May-Jun) Spring (Apr-May-Jun)
Winter(Jan-Feb-Mar) Winter (Jan-Feb-Mar)
1998 1997
Fall (Oct-Nov-Dec) January/February
Summer (Jul-Aug-Sep) March/April
Spring (Apr-May-Jun) May/June
Winter (Jan-Feb-Mar) July/August

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