The Chateau Ritz Banquet Hall was filled to capacity as close to 700 guests were present at the Benefit organized by the Orpheus Hellenic Folklore Society. The evening included music, dance and choral presentations by the Orpheus Youth and Adult dance groups as well as the Orpheus Music Group. A silent auction complimented the activities as guests browsed through a wide variety of gifts. A special program book was issued for that night, which included highlights of the history of the Orpheus Dance Troupe over the last 17 years, as well as announcements and greetings from businesses and individual donors. All proceeds will support the programs of the Orpheus Hellenic Folklore Society.

A special program book was issued for that night, which included highlights of the history of the Orpheus Dance Troupe over the last 17 years, as well as announcements and greetings from businesses and individual donors.

Program Book (pdf, 8.44 MB)

Program Book Front and Back Cover (pdf, 1.8 MB)

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Guests had a chance to bid an auction items that included an array of items from musical instruments to...
(Niles, IL - November 2005)

...Christmas decorations and much more!
(Niles, IL - November 2005)

Kostas Economou with youth members Dimitra, Aimiliane, and Nicole
(Niles, IL - November 2005)

Youth members getting ready for the performance
(Niles, IL - November 2005)

Dimitris, Eleni, Billy and Angelica
(Niles, IL - November 2005)

Yanni, Dimitra and Anastasia
(Niles, IL - November 2005)

The Orpheus music group joined by clarinetist Jim Stoynoff accompanied the adult and youth groups during their dance presentations
(Niles, IL - November 2005)

Aliki leads the line for Bella Olympia
(Niles, IL - November 2005)

John leads the line in presenting a suite of dances from Thrace
(Niles, IL - November 2005)

Under the direction of Eftihia Papageorgiou two choral songs were presented.  The presentation took the audience by surprise as as it was the first time Orpheus presented choral works.
(Niles, IL - November 2005)

The adult group opened its presentation with two dances from Epiros.
(Niles, IL - November 2005)

Pontian dances were also performed.  The performance by the adult group included dances from various regions of Greece and Asia Minor.
(Niles, IL - November 2005)

Performing Raikos and Leventikos from Macedonia
(Niles, IL - November 2005)

Members of the Orpheus music group, Harry and Dimitri
(Niles, IL - November 2005)

Alexandros, Marinos, Spiro and Paul
(Niles, IL - November 2005)

Orpheus Youth coordinator Bessie Grosso with Greek Circle magazine editor Alexa Giannakos
(Niles, IL - November 2005)

Christos, Christina and George
(Niles, IL - November 2005)

Men in black, Paul, George and Yannis
(Niles, IL - November 2005)

Alumni Orpheus member Christina Pagones with Bessie and Marianna
(Niles, IL - November 2005)

Bessie with young guests at the benefit
(Niles, IL - November 2005)

Time to tally the bids from the auction items
(Niles, IL - November 2005)


Orpheus Hellenic Folklore Society


An event to benefit the programs of OHFS

Sunday, November 6 2005
5:30 p.m. - Cocktails
6:30 p.m. - Dinner
Complimentary soft drinks, cash bar

Chateau Ritz Banquets
9100 N. Milwaukee Avenue
Niles, IL

Free Parking

$45 for Adults
$25 for Children 12 and under

Letter for Sponsorship

Sponsorship Application

For reservations
more information call:

E-mail us @

Make Checks Payable to:
Orpheus Hellenic Folklore Society (OHFS)
606 Greendale Rd
Glenview, IL 60025

Appearances by the:
Orpheus Youth and Adult groups
Orpheus Music Ensemble
Hellenic Five Band with Jim Stoynoff
Folk and Modern Songs under the direction of Eftyhia Papageorgiou

Silent Auction:
A full selection of just absolutely fabulous items will be available at the Orpheus benefit.



The Orpheus Hellenic Folklore Society will be hosting a benefit, “Bridging Generations through Music, Song and Dance”, on Sunday, November 6, 2005. All event proceeds will support our organization’s programs. These programs include:

• The Orpheus Dance Troupe strives to provide its 70 adult members, and 85 youth members with opportunities to broaden their Greek folk experience through dance instruction, performances, workshops and conferences. 

Apprentice Program A program to train dance instructors was initiated last year to meet the needs of our expanding youth membership. There are currently 12 instructors that support the youth and adult programs. All instructors attend workshops in the US, Canada and Greece and guest instructors from these regions have been featured at the groups’ practices.

• The Orpheus Music Ensemble is a small but expanding group of musicians that features folk and popular musical instruments. There is a need for enhancing this program by providing consistent professional instruction and attracting additional talented musicians. 

Choral Program This program utilizes a professional voice instructor to further develop the choral abilities of the entire group. There is a need to expand the adult and youth singing repertoire.

Costume Collection As the youth and adult groups grow, the need for purchasing additional costumes as well as maintaining and storing them is essential.

The above programs involve our members on an ongoing basis. Their efforts have been enthusiastically recognized and encouraged by the community for their consistency, outstanding quality, professionalism and great spirit! But their continued success depends on providing the necessary funding. 

A significant portion of the proceeds from the planned benefit will result from the printing of an ad book, featuring greetings and advertisements from organizations, businesses and individual donors. 

We would like to request your participation in this endeavor by completing the attached contract with the amount that you would like to offer. Your contribution is vital to the growth and continued success that the OHFS has enjoyed for almost 17 years.  All donations are tax deductible.

We hope to ensure your generous support so that the “Bridging of Generations through Music, Song and Dance” continues within the Greek American community of Chicago and beyond. 

Thank you for your consideration.

Yannis Economou

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