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Orpheus Dancers Performing At The American Farm School

Kostas Economou With members of The Pyrsos Dance Ensemble in Naoussa - Macedonia - Greece

Tina, Kathy, Sophia and Magdelene with members of the Lyceum of Ellinidon in Naoussa

Members of Orpheus, along with the Mayor of Thessaloniki - Constantinos Kosmopoulos, at the Macedonian Palace Hotel Reception in Thessaloniki

Members of Orpheus with the Minister of Macedonia and Thrace, Philippos Peltsanikos, at the Macedonian Palace Hotel Reception in Thessaloniki

Kostas and Tina visiting with Lefteris Drandakis (Director)  and Nancy Harmanda (Assistant Director) at the offices of the Lyceum of Ellinidon of Athens

Orpheus dancers snoozing on the bus.  Did they dance too late into the night?

Toasting to an excellent dance performance at The Farm School in Thessaloniki.

Reuniting with Vangelis, a former Orpheus dancer who now lives Greece!

Orpheus girls -- wearing   the Gida from the Roumlouki area of central Macedonia -- relaxing   after a performance

Our trip ends with one last photograph taken near the airport.
Adio, Thessaloniki!