Napoleon Damianides in a High School photo in GiannitsaNapoleon D. Damianides was born in Agriokerasia, Potamos, Drama, Greece, on February 2, 1934. He attended grammar and high school in Giannitsa, Greece before immigrating to the United States in 1956. He received his Bachelor of Science in Education in 1968, followed by his Illinois State Certification in Secondary and Bilingual Education, with a concentration in History.

Mr. Damianides became a member of the Pan-Macedonian Association in Chicago in 1956. In January of 1974, he co-founded the Greek Macedonian Society of Chicago "Macedonia" and served terms as President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Board Member. He is the founder of "To Spiti Tou Macedona" in 1978 and co-founder of the Youth Dance Troup, Aristotle Chapter. Mr. Damianides has also contributed and promoted Greek Culture and history at the national level by serving terms as Supreme President (1982-84), Supreme Vice-President (1978-80, 1981-82) and Governor of the Midwest States (1976-78) for the Pan-Macedonian Association. As Supreme Vice-President, during the "Search for Alexander the Great" exhibit at the world-renowned Art Institute of Chicago, he organized the "Pan-Hellenic Costumes" which were also exhibited at the Museum of Science and Industry of Chicago. As Supreme President, he reactivated the publication of the Pan-Macedonian Association newspaper "Macedonia". In addition to his life-long involvement with the Association, Mr. Damianides is an active member of the UHAC, CAHO, AHO, and Hellenic Heritage organizations. He also has been involved in various aspects of soccer and has served in the United States Soccer Federation as the Illinois State Soccer Referee Administrator (1978-91) and coach as well as an inductee in the State of Illinois Soccer Hall of Fame.

Mr. Damianides resides in Chicago with his wife Gerda and has four daughters and six grandchildren. His daughters Persephone, Marianna, Christina and Linda Alexandra are teachers in primary and secondary education. Marianna, Christina, and Linda all dance and teach authentic Greek folk dances throughout the Chicago area to both children and adults.


Napoleon Damianides

Mr. Napoleon Damianides with his wife Gerda and daughter Christina

Mr. Napoleon in a High School photo in the city of Giannitsa

Napoleon Damianides

The wedding announcement of Mr. and Mrs. Damianides in the local paper of Elkhorn, Wisconsin
(August 1959)

Napoleon Damianides

Mr. Damianides grandparents Refugee Booklet issued in 1923 after the Asia Minor Asia disaster that forced Greeks living in Asia Minor Turkey to immigrate to Greece

NapoleonMarriageCertificate.jpg (65448 bytes)

The wedding certificate of Mr. Napoleon Damianides parents, Dimostheni and Persephoni
(December 1927)

NapoleonSchoolPictureWeb.jpg (55825 bytes)

High School picture in Giannitsa, June 1953.
(Mr. Napoleon Damianides third row from the top, fourth from the right)